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For any company to provide first class fencing services, it must have four things in its favour: experience, expertise, commitment and affordability. At FENCEON we believe we have these essential credentials and they are the reasons why we are at the top of the fencing chain so to speak.  

As we are family owned and operated, we take the utmost pride in our quality workmanship and in providing first class and friendly customer service.


One thing that we’re very proud of is our experience in the fencing industry. FENCEON has been manufacturing and installing fences since 1989, and that’s not bad for amassing a wealth of know how in the fencing trade and to keep ahead of the competition with all the skills and expertise we’ve accumulated over the years. Our experience has been our mainstay in the past and it will continue to steer our course into the future. Whatever type of fencing need you have, we have the exact solution for it and more.

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