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Lewisham Road, Windsor

Lewisham Road, Windsor Glass Balcony - Balustrade




  • Frameless Glass Staircase

Address: Miller Street, West Melbourne




  • Wrought Iron Balustrade & Staircase

Address: Strahfillan Way, Doncaster

Regent Ave Springvale.jpg



  • Stainless Steel Wire Balustrading

Address: Regent St Springvale




  • Juliet Balconies

Address: Ebden Avenue, Black Rock

Snook Crt Brighton-2.jpg



  • Juliet Balconies

Address: Snook Crt, Brighton

Alpine Ave Doncaster2.jpg



  • Wrpought Iron Balustrade & Staircase

Address: Alpine Avenue, Doncaster


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FENCEON  has been designing, producing and installing  balustrades and also involved with the design and installation of handrails to thousands of Melbournian building projects  to become one of the market leaders. 

Frameless Glass Balustrade
The frameless glass balustrade systems are available in a wide range of base channels and can be either top mounted or face mounted for internal or external use offering a more modern and sleek feel and design for any type of property and can almost provide an invisible barrier but can also be used with a selection of top rails or off set handrails secured through the glass with the use of several different balustrade options for securing.

Standart Style With Glass
Our standard style and glass balustrade with stainless steel posts can be supplied either with or without a top-rail for indoor or outdoor use.  The stainless steel and glass balustrade is one of our most popular and the most cost-effective balustrade system from our range which can be manufactured and supplied to both the domestic and commercial market as the system comes fully fabricated in advance for easy assembly on-site by our experienced Installers,

Contemporary Style Balustrade System
Similar to our standard style stainless steel post & glass system but with a bit of a twist as the stainless steel handrail and posts are replaced with a square tube version including square brackets.  This square balustrade system can be used in a residential or commercial environment as the balustrade is fully fabricated in advance – is easy to assemble on-site by our experienced Installers,


Bendigo Street, North Melbourne - Wire Balustrade


Standart Style With Wire or Bar
The stainless steel bar and wire system is part of our standard style stainless steel range and is an alternative to a glass infilled balustrade.  The stainless bar or wire balustrade system offers a modern sleek contemporary look and is the ultimate low maintenance option for any domestic home or commercial property.  The Bar and Wire balustrade can be used internally or externally.

Juliet Balcony
Juliet Balcony systems are becoming more popular both with the residential and commercial market as this balcony system provides a more modern innovative design and maximises visibility providing a non-obtrusive view from any balcony or window.  They are easy to install and more importantly easy to maintain.

The Juliet Balustrade Systems can be supplied in a range of colours, shapes and sizes to meet the customer’s requirements.

All of our balustrade systems including the glass are manufactured to your specifications and are not off the shelf products.


Here at FENCEON we are Balustrade Specialists with experience of over 25 + years of specialising in Stainless Steel.  We can offer you advice, excellent customer service as well as provide you with the top of the range products within a realistic price range.   We only ever use the correct steel grades for your requirements – 304 grade stainless steel for indoor use, 316 grade stainless steel for out-door or alternatively we can offer the duplex range of steel for the harshest of environments.  

All of our Balustrading installations are to industry standards and installed with the strictest adherence to council requirements in your area. Contact us today to see how FENCEON can assist you with your Balustrading needs..


Fast - Easy - Free

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